We are racing Saturday 25th October 2014 at Archerfield Speedway


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Lightning sprints – Affordable, Fast paced, Adrenalin charged racing at it’s best!
Lightning Sprints is the best value for money class – Motor sport at the best of times is a money hungry past time and when the majority of us do this as a hobby sport, saving money plus keeping running costs low is a high priority. When choosing a class to enter, for many prospective racers they will consider how much money is it going to cost? You must take in to consideration your initial costs for a car, trailer, spares and consumables such as travel costs, accommodation, gate and pit crew fees, food etc. Now consumables, each person and team will have their own idea of what best suit their situation, but as far as choosing which class best suits, money plays a huge part – answer? Lightning sprints – why? Well 3 major reasons – value for money, cost effective and they are fast!

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Queensland Lightning Sprints race at various tracks including Maryborough, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Lockyer Speedway & Kingaroy. Our race season starts around September and goes through until end of May.

If you would like to join this class, please contact Jim Kennedy on

‘What is a Lightning Sprint?’

Lightning Sprints is a national class of open wheeled, winged Speedway race cars that in terms of speed, are second only to full blown V8 powered Sprintcars. Because the cars are very similar to Sprintcars, the class attracts young drivers looking to gain vital racing experience before moving up to the more expensive classes, plus retains some more experienced drivers whose racing budget is limited. This combination of youth and experience creates some very exciting racing and added to the mix is a healthy representation of females competing.


• Lightning Sprints are capable of reaching speeds of 120k per hour.

• A Lightning Sprint runs a 1000cc Motor Cycle engine producing over 200 horse power with total engine and chassis weight of 430kg. Because of the power to weight ratio they can circulate a ¼ mile track in just over 12.5 seconds.

• The technology found in a Lightning Sprint is identical to that of the full blown Sprint car. Adjustments to chassis are done with only a quarter of a turn to one side of the suspension sometimes this can be enough to upset the balance and handling of the race car.

• Tyre pressures and tyre size play a big part to getting the maximum speed out of the car. With too much tyre contact on certain surfaces creates too much drag and slows the car down. This area of car set up is heavily secret amount teams but not all teams can run the same set up as the driver style can be enough to upset the balance.

• The driver is the most critical part once out on the track, they must remain very smooth to maintain maximum speed. Any sudden change of direction or unnecessary applying of the brakes can wash of speed which in turn can take the driver from first to fifth very quickly.


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